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Simayaa Technologies - Reviews on our professional services
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An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

Every Client is our Investor

All our hard work pay-off by their appreciation

Highly recommended. This team is wonderful to work with.

Marci Bunn

Great work, once again. We have worked with Simayaa on a number of prjects, and they have always been great to work with. Thanks


Hey, my name is Primoz from www.skyrocketyourproductivity.com. I have found Simayaa through the designs they have made on the Internet. They have made the design for my webpage and successfully integrated it into Wordpress. Their services were punctual and at a very good price for value. What I enjoyed the most were the frequent updates and that all of my requests and wishes were attended quickly and efficiently. The customer service especially was A+!


Simayaa was excellent. I used them to build out my writer's website. I'm in Mountain View, California and they worked professionally like they were next door. They knew the technical stuff in a way I needed. They were responsive and helpful every step of the way. You won't go wrong with Simayaa. I like their gentle guidance and excellent customer service. We were partners/an agile team moving side by side. Granted I never talked to them face-to-face, it was all through daily emails. But that worked for me and my project deadline. The price was right for my budget. You tell them what you want and they do it. You're not going to get marketing/showmanship in their written communication about what they've done so much. But that's okay. The proof is in the product. It's up to me know to go on there and make my blog great. Simyaa set the infrastructure in place for me to succeed.

Andrew Kloak

Extensive customization, data mapping and migration with a lot of detailed unexpected issues: Simayaa worked patiently to address each issue and moved the project to completion. Good job and kudos!

Mike K Sage

Your service on my site was excellent. The new site is a huge success among my target audience.

Eskil (Astanga Studio)

They know Wordpress very well and can take good care of their clients. We will sure recommend them


Great job, thanks for making the change to my site!

Dough Olson

The Freelancer was a pleasure to work with. Very good communicator. Good quality work. Very responsive to my concerns and very patient. Had problems with the responsiveness of the site early but they were taken care of. I would recommend this freelancer to anyone as I appreciate the quality of work. Great customer service and overall great experience.

Myles Bush

Simayaa did a great job with a very specific and difficult client.

Claire Seet

I have worked with Simayaa on a few projects now and find their level of work satisfactory to very good. I will be working with them on more projects.

Jay Leb

The client has specified our name in his site. Please, read his blog post about our services here: http://www.scotthyoung.com/blog/2009/08/27/new-website-design/


Good job ....sure ... we will continue ...

Andre Pires

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