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Search engine marketing services, AdWords Campaign Management, Paid marketing services for online businesses
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Search Engine Marketing

Promoting Your Business and Strengthening Your Online Presence

A form of internet marketing, search engine marketing is all about promotional activities of websites which are undertaken with the main objective of increasing web visibility of search engine results. This is mainly accomplished through paid advertising among several other strategies. Simayaa offers SEM services which incorporates a number of SEO activities, rewrites or changes in website content with the objective of higher search engine results which will help in enhancing PPC listing.

Benefits Of SEM

  • Searches offer targeted messages, active and accurate results to your online properties.
  • Best way to reach a wide audience. 74% of internet users are known to do local searches.
  • Cost effective way to expand your business. Good results.

Our Services

AdWords Campaign Management

We will not just create ads for your business but will also manage your keyword bidding and also prepare detailed report.

Display/Banner Ad DesigningDisplay/Banner Ad Designing

Our creative team designs the most effective and professional looking display and banner ads. This helps in better conversions and lead generation.

Advanced A-B Testing

It's a way to understand market trends which help in making informed decisions later on.

Advanced Marketing Management

Our engaging web ads are made to bring in immediate results. They will minimize CPA/CPC/CPM.

Landing Page Designing

Our team is skilled and experienced in designing landing pages for organic SEO and for AdWords.

Analytical Reporting

You will be regularly updated with a detailed in depth reports to help you understand the effectiveness of PPC campaigns and be in total control.

You have questions. We have answers

What the term Search Engine Marketing means?
Search engine marketing is about a number of activities aimed towards increasing the web visibility of a site. This helps in increasing revenue and in business growth. A number of strategies like SEO, content marketing and PPC management are part of strategies.
Why should I care about search engine marketing?
It is one of the most popular new marketing strategies! It is cost effective and a great way to build brand, increase online sales and in generating in-bound leads. Without search engine marketing, your company will be behind the curve.
How do I measure the success of search engine marketing efforts?
It is easy to measure success. You can track 'clicks' and 'impressions' on the paid engine search listings. You can also check 'click through' or 'conversion rates'. You can also track online registrations, if your goal was generation of qualified leads.
Creative Ideas

That deliver Stunning Results

With a beautifully designed front-end to get you started, a robust programming back-end and the passion to contribute in the growth of your brand - the possibilities are endless. See More Portfolio
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How We Can Help You!

Improve Your Online Visibility, Increase Your Exposure, Get More Opportunity And Create Your Brand!

  • 1
    Get More Exposure

    Clients prefer candidates who have their own websites - if you have a website, you are a step ahead in the race!

  • 2
    Share Your Story

    Everyone has a story! Let your clients know your story - build a strong connection with your potential clients! Communicate and Connect through your website!

  • 3
    Impress Your Clients

    Your website will speak for you! A nicely built website, easily navigable with a rich portfolio, details on your products and services is the way to help your clients understand your expertise, skill and ability!

Technologies We Use
  • html
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • drupal
  • magento
  • prestashop
  • dotnet
  • jquery
  • Cake PHP
  • Code Ignitor
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