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An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

Money Back Guarantee

Is the work not good enough to worth your investment? Do you think you have wasted much time but without result? Yes, we refund in cases when the client has repeated objections against the quality or the commitment of the work (miraculously it hardly happens). Our hard toil always makes a valued ending.

When do we refund?

  • If we think we are not able to complete within the deadline.If we think that we are not going to complete the project within the scheduled deadline we will immediately let you know and cancel it in the process of refunding. It will range between 2-3 hours, after you make the payment.
  • If you feel we do not suit your requirement.If you are not satisfied with the commitment and have repetitive complains against the work process that hamper your time and money will be judged under this process only in some critical cases. But the charge will be billed for the number of day(s) worked.
  • If you want to withdraw immediately after ordering.Sometimes people order a lot and then hold on to projects depending on the priority the projects. You can withdraw immediately after placing an order but before the markup starts. It must be within 2hours after your payment.

N.B. All refunds are payable (if applicable) within 3 working days.