Why is it Important To Understand Business Objectives Before Designing?

What do you think should be the main aim of a Web designer? Design that offers great user experience and keeps customers happy – Right?

Well – you are wrong!! Most Web designers believe that offering a wonderful user experience is what clients look forward to – it’s not so actually. If you have been doing this, all I can say that you are/ will be dis-serving and deceiving your client. Time to be alert and understand what your client needs first!

It is utmost important to understand what the objectives of your client business is FIRST and foremost. Think why anyone would want to build a website!!

Definitely to generate return on investment…make the business grow and have a steady flow of income! This is the sole objective of every client – rather than having a website which keeps users happy and generates NO or negligible income. The truth is that if any website does not generate any return why would the client want to have it? Your client may not explain his financial plans and disclose everything, but being a web designer, it’s your duty to find out what the objectives of the client business are. The harsh truth is that, if your designed website does not pay as your client desires, it means that you have certainly not done your job well.

So, as a web designers always aim to…

Fulfill business objectives of the client:

Designers need to definitely offer great user experience but that’s not the main objective – ensure that your client is able to generate returns while making users happy. Happy clients is not enough for a business to prosper and as a designer, you need to understand this first.

So, how do you start with everything?

Outline the marketing objectives of your client:

Ensure that you have understood the marketing objectives of your client and use them as a guideline when developing wire frames and architecture of the website. Understand the critical components of the business and the primary marketing initiatives before starting with the design planning. This will help in eliminating all “patching on” problems later.

Consistency with objectives:

The different elements of your website design need to be consistent and support the aims of the organization. Take into account every component of the website such as testimonials, blog posts, social media and corporate videos.

Not only this, considering business objectives for any website can benefit you in more than one way as a designer:

  • No fundamental risks involved when business objectives are taken into account in every designing stage.
  • Helps in focusing on important elements right from the beginning.
  • Difficult decisions in respect to testing, functionality, designing and technology can be made easily.

It is true that many business objective may not be easily quantified which includes factors like increasing awareness about brands and customer satisfaction. However, it is undoubtedly crucial to track the different business objectives for fulfilling client requirements.

So…if you are designing a website ensure that you have set the objectives of client business as the starting point of your designing.

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