Top 7 Reasons Why Custom WordPress Development is the best Choice for Small Business Owners

The 21st century is marked by the birth of enthralling business ventures of entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs. The path to implementing your business idea is no more a secret. Thanks to tools such as WordPress, anyone can set up their website with less human and financial resources. Whether it is a small business startup or a Fortune 500 company, most of the business websites are powered by WordPress.
Leading institutions like eBay, New York Times, Mashable, CNN have chosen WordPress as the driving force for their blogs. Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is the most effective, robust and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS). If you have the idea of owning a small business (online or offline), WordPress is undeniably the one stop solution for all your queries and problems of setting up a website.

Top 7 Reasons to choose WordPress

WordPress is used by 74.6 million websites from all around the world

The top 7 reasons why Custom WordPress Development is the best choice for all the Small Business Owners include:

  • 1. Highly Economical
    Money matters a lot to small business owners. The web designer would swallow a substantial portion of the investment to build the website.WordPress is the perfect tool to cut down such expenses. WordPress is an open source platform and free from all the commercial limitations. That means one can use the software however they wish to and host the website anywhere they choose to.With zero investment and basic knowledge of computer, one can easily setup their business website in just a few clicks.
  • 2. Extremely User Friendly
    One of the perks of opting WordPress is the user-friendly interface. WordPress is the most popular business induction platforms, because of its easy and intuitive learning model.Just a matter of a few minutes, one can effortlessly grasp and navigate around the tool. No wonder it is known for its ‘5-Minute Install’. You can write and publish a post and find your way through the system without any hiccups.
  • 3. Greatly Accessible
    Even if you are technologically handicapped, do not panic! Simple, direct and easily accessible technologies are used to design and develop WordPress websites. The HTML pages support seamless display of the website in modern phones like Android, iPhones, Black Berry.
  • 4. Custom Made Themes
    More than 2,000 professionally designed themes and inbuilt templates are available in the WordPress directory, giving an endless choice for customization.While most of them are free templates, some cost just a few dollars. The feel and look of the website can be customized as per the needs of the business.
    And you can customize the themes you buy as well. It’s easy to make your site look unique, and different from any other site out there, without having to waste hundreds and thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise. You can do any of the
    following easily.- Change the layout of the site.- Display posts the way you like, from showing images to showing author names at specific places.- Add in the plugins as needed to make your site a unique one.- Edit as needed, including adding in new widgets in the site to enhance the user experience.- Easy to create new widgets and integrate plugins across different WordPress versions.For example, if you want to create a photo blog, you can choose Back2Back or Modularity. If you create a website for a club,
    Evening Shade may be suitable for you. Such themes are user responsive and mobile friendly.
  • 5. Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
    The WordPress tool is fabricated to remain extremely search engine (SEO) friendly. The higher Google search ranking of WordPress powered websites is just one of the benefits of the tool.Irrespective of the size of the organization, SEO enabled WordPress yields enriched visibility and aids in increasing the size of the target audience. Moreover, plenty of fabulous additional ‘plugins’ are available in WordPress that make the SEO even accurate.
  • 6. Stringent Safe & Secure Model
    The panic of copyright infringement, plagiarism and data theft are a common challenge for all the online and offline business models. WordPress is equipped with built-in updater for the safety and security of the information.A new visitor’s activity can be monitored and tracked by the inbuilt plugins. With appropriate notifications of themes and plugins, WordPress keeps the website safe and secure from the unethical cyber hackers.
  • 7. Great Community Support
    Wordpress is an open source platform, and it has a backup of a strong community. You will always get updated tools and plugins for your website CMS and get any issues resolved quickly with easily accessible help. The vast and active users of WordPress offer unprecedented support to troubleshoot the concerns of the tool.You can also find endless resources on the internet to broaden your knowledge of WordPress.The unparalleled qualities of the tested and refined WordPress, aid the entrepreneurs to establish their small business ventures by creating professional websites. It is the perfect choice of CMS that you can get for your website.

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