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How you can protect your magento website from recent vulnerability issues?

Magento is considered as perhaps the toughest and robust eCommerce software and platform out there so naturally those who are more paranoid about security and[.....]

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Magento site owners beware as attackers are using fake patches

Patching up your Magento eCommerce website is really essential to make sure that the data security of your website will remain secure from the several[.....]

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Magento Marketplace to launch in 2016

Considering the scale of eCommerce platforms out there, Magento 2.0 is probably the best among them. This version really improved user friendliness and security concerns[.....]

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Must use Magento plugin to have a SEO friendly shopping site

Most of you who have previously dealt with CMS, eCommerce web development have probably heard of Magento but still for those who are not enlightened,[.....]

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