Make Life Less Difficult – Our Promise in 2017

New Year Message for Off-shore Clients, Outsourcing services

We have stepped into another year. At this stage of the year, we generally try to rectify our mistakes or bad habits of the past. We make lot of resolutions and promises, so that we become a better person in the eyes of the World as well as to ourselves.

This year we have decided to take George Eliot’s inspirational quote “What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other” very seriously. We literally want to stand by this quote in all our customer services and professional relationships. We want to keep it as our New Year message to all our off-shore clients and partners.

Going forward in 2017, we have decided to offer a Free Trial of $200 to all our new sign-ups with whom we are going to start a fresh relationship. As the co-founder, it is my responsibility to see that our new sign-ups do not get monetary burnout in order to know about us or our services better. You can know more about our offer here:

The reason behind keeping this Free Trial is to remove the monetary burden. Once it is removed, a person can act in a stress free manner and can take decisions more freely. The money won’t act as a barrier here to initiate a trustworthy relationship.

On the other hand, we get the chance to surprise our new sign-ups with user-friendly and trustworthy services which they are unaware of while working with other off-shore partners. We get the opportunity to add a human touch in our services, which will fill up with emotions of feeling understood or heard. We will listen to their business problem without any strings attached.

Our past clients with whom we didn’t have business recently can also avail this offer. By availing our trial offer, they can check our present services standard without any price tag. We also get the chance to serve them with our improved service quality and renew our relationship with them.

This year we will follow the same process with our blog. We will try to add more values to our readers with all our posts. We will help others to succeed in their business with our knowledge and expertise. Please, subscribe to our newsletter and remain updated with our inside story.

There are no set goals or hidden-cost in this process. It is a genuine initiative from all the members of Simayaa Technologies team, to contribute in people’s life with whom we are doing business and to see them successful. During this initiative, if we can make some good friends then that will be a cherry on the cake for us.

Let’s make life less difficult for each other this New Year.

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