How To Take Care Of Your Customer During Holiday Season

It is a fact that many of us have chance to experience a dramatic change of customer service over the years. It’s really impossible and hard to describe the frustration felt when you’ve ordered something special online but unfortunately after delivery you found there is something went wrong with your product. Same incident can always happen with you and your friends during festive moments. Suppose during Christmas Eve, you ordered a laptop online. But after delivery you are not satisfied, reason, it was not running properly. So you rushed to their local customer care center. It was really insignificant that either you spent an hour or more, but friendly attitude and the service and attention rendered by the expert team will make you thinking of yourself in “Wonderland.”

Today for every IT Outsourcing business, it is really a challenging phase to achieve 100% in customer satisfaction level. Many entrepreneurs believe they can give the best customer satisfaction during the holidays. But surprisingly the recent market survey shows that nearly 70% of the business owners claim that they deliver “best” customer service, but merely 5% of customers reported to have experienced best service from those same business houses.

What should you offer to your customers, to experience them those magical moments of traveling to “Wonderland”?

Holidays- the best part of the year with family, friends, shopping, traveling amidst busy work life. Holidays are the perfect time to show your customers that you really care for them.

To strengthen the bond between you and your customers during the holiday rush you have to follow some simple tips.

  • 1. Customer interaction with proper team of expert

    Holidays are the peak season of the year when most customer queries come in. It is not only important to have your website running for the holiday season but by having a reliable and secure website you can make your customers feel cheerful and bright. To handle these types of issues, you need to execute them to the proper expertise, so that your customer can get proper feed back in proper time. Though there are always some probabilities of unresolved issues. Spending an extra hour with your clients over the phone or chat or on email, you can always satisfy your customers, because, unsatisfied customers never come back to you again in the future.

  • 2. Working under pressure

    You are working tirelessly round the clock, busy in delighting the customers, answering their queries, calls and grievances. Needless to say that you will have to handle 80% more queries than on a normal day. To handle this pressure and stress, you can always take a refreshing break from your busy schedule, to handle all the rush and work load throughout the day.

  • 3. Speedy response to the customer queries

    Speedy response is considered as the most important factor for the service quality and it plays an important role both in customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. You have to keep in mind the following points in order to provide speedy service:

    • • How long your customer awaited for your answer?
    • • How long it will take to resolve the issues?
    • • How many issues have been resolved through a single response?
  • 4. Behaviour with your employees

    Giving enough freedom to the front line employees so that they can make their own decisions will help you to cope up with the customer rush during the peak season. As an employer, you can always motivate your employees by giving extra benefits like bonus or special gift or in other words appreciation. This sort of motivation will boost up the employees to give 100% input in your business. As we all know that happy employee leads to happy clientele.

  • 5. Accuracy

    Accuracy is all about clarity and clarity depends upon the communication skill which should be clear and transparent. Besides being fast, your answer should be correct and appropriate to satisfy your customers. The fact lies here is that during these peak time, your primary object will be to interact with your customers more intimately, and they will come back over again and again with a cheerful smile on their face.

  • 6. Properly observing your social channels

    Social Media is very powerful. With the emergence of smartphones, people are more active in social media than any other medium. During holiday rush, it has been found that many IT service firms overlook their social channels, where clients may be leaving comments either positive or negative. You must chalk down a strategy to observe these channels closely and replying to their comments for happier clients.

  • 7. Greetings

    Many service business houses, usually answer the calls from the clients. But instead of just answering their query calls you need to do something extra. Just pick up your phone and dial five clients each day and greet them by saying “Hello”. You can also wish them on their festivals without trying to sell them a thing. Today you can greet your customers through customize and attractive greeting messages.

  • 8. Planning

    Planning is an important tool to avoid stress during the holiday season of the year. You need to start planning out your strategies before 2-3 months of the holidays. This gives you enough time to analyze your strategies so that you can easily handle the pressure of customer queries and increase the sales volume.

As a final note, we can say that the above write up includes all those points which you can include in your checklist, to get your IT Outsourcing business ready to face all the customer challenges during the holiday season.

Or if you have any other exciting ideas you can always share your views in the comment section.


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